The Other “I”

I could hear the gentle breeze

in the trees,

as I sat looking nowhere,

wondering what would be,

of days to come.

Somebody called my name,

with so much love…


Time moved on…

but that voice beckoned me


It fell into place years later –

It was you, the other “I”.


She is Water Still

Abandoning the surf,
a drop flies away,
on wings of wind,
wrapped in the clouds,
looking for her landing
and the place of it.

Hills, valleys, rivers,
meadows and farms –
admiring them,
contemplating them,
she falls on
parched land.

Shrivelled ground
devours her.
The drop
losing herself,
vanishing completely.

Seeking to set free
she sets adrift,
into an essence
way beyond.

she surges
with the swell.
and lifeless,
she discovers herself
within the timeless ocean.

What peace!
Being as she is
just a drop,
she is water still.

Do Not Regret

Do not regret anything that passed
for it is something that does not last,
of those things that do not endure
it is best to find a cure.

Live life in every way
just as you would each new day;
dreams that make you declare
love’s the only repair.

Let go of all that binds you
to a life that just flows through;
rise above the drowning pain
to a place of refreshing rain.

You will find beyond the cloud
an abode that’s eternally endowed;
that home of timeless bliss
far away from all that’s amiss.

Do not fear that pain you feel
for it will make you blossom and heal;
to take you to the Land of One
where you finish your home run.


The point is there is no point…

Do I live to die or die to live?
Is there a path I follow,
or a path that follows me?
Am I parenting my children,
or learning to be a parent?
Is there a point I begin with,
or a point that I need to reach?

Then it begins to dawn from somewhere far away,
Yet so near,
that I do not live nor die – I exist,
that I do not follow nor be followed – I be,
that I am not parenting nor learning to be a parent – I am,
that the point is there is no point – It is.

Faith, Love, Forgiveness, Gratitude

It all comes down to faith, love, forgiveness and gratitude…

There are days when it is faith in God. On the other days, it is definitely faith in myself. Sometimes, it is faith in people, times, life, destiny…

Loving myself tops the list. Loving unconditionally has brought me love all around – my family and friends, some do not reciprocate and a few unaware…

Forgiving myself to begin with. There have been percipices making me jump one way or another. But, forgiving myself and others I held responsible for this, has me diving headlong and coming up for air in time – not drowning any more…

Gratitude for life with all its shades – trials, tribulations, successes, failures, frustration, dissatisfaction. Gratitude now for peace, harmony, good health, love, happiness…

Those eyes

There, beyond time

are those deep, haunting eyes

peering inside mine






Time stands still;

not a breath

looking, darting, delving;

realising, reconciling, suffering,



Some forgotten reflection,

a lost chimera,

an abandoned yearning,

consigned to oblivion.


I long to know

what lies beyond

those deep haunting eyes

peering inside mine.