Depths, Veils and Shadows

I peer into those deep eyes,

trying to fathom

their depth;

they are bottomless.


I stare at your enigmatic face,

trying to read

the stories past;

they are wrapped in countless veils.


I look behind your shadows of life;

trying to gauge

their span;

they grow on and on.


One moment in time,

leaving behind all

the depths, veils and shadows,

if one could simply soar away…

What Meets the Eye

The new leaf that sprouts from a seed,

the ray of sunshine that shines

through an overcast morning,

the welcome bark of my pet

after a long day at work,

hugs from the kids

when they return from school,

the delight at seeing an old friend’s photo,

out of the blue…


The joy of getting tough things done,

the pride at learning something new,

picking oneself up when life does not go

the way we planned,

the moment in time when one wondered

why we waited so long,

the lightness of tread after letting go

of some tough times,

the power of one’s mind to hold still for a breath…


There is so much more to life than meets the eye!

Little Jewels

I look up at the sky,

and the sun blinds my eye.

I still wonder why I can’t see

the stars shining bright.


School days taught me

our sun lights up the sky,

and outshines the stars shimmering

out there day and night.


Night falls and darkness abounds,

those stars all continue

to wink joyfully, and I can even

see planets travelling by.


The days now tell me that

those little jewels of life

I fathom only when

obscurity mystifies my sight.

Dazzling Darkness

Moonbeams wrap around

the mesmerizing night, stars twinkle

away their joy, the dark night

holding them in her embrace.


All beings rejuvenate their

tired bodies and minds; the sleepy night

matching the gentle rhythm of

those slumbering breaths.


This boundless night carries

a new dawn within its heart,

the genesis of an untapped, flawless life,

dispelling the dazzling darkness.


Oh, those threads of memories,

so entangled in time!

I long to

glean them apart…


Visions swelled and

flew by; I looked on

standing on the bank –

enthralled, hypnotized!


I reached out to pluck

a few of them;

gathered some

shadows of time.


I peered beyond

the shadows; there lay

those threads of memories

so entangled in time.

The Other “I”

I could hear the gentle breeze

in the trees,

as I sat looking nowhere,

wondering what would be,

of days to come.

Somebody called my name,

with so much love…


Time moved on…

but that voice beckoned me


It fell into place years later –

It was you, the other “I”.

She is Water Still

Abandoning the surf,
a drop flies away,
on wings of wind,
wrapped in the clouds,
looking for her landing
and the place of it.

Hills, valleys, rivers,
meadows and farms –
admiring them,
contemplating them,
she falls on
parched land.

Shrivelled ground
devours her.
The drop
losing herself,
vanishing completely.

Seeking to set free
she sets adrift,
into an essence
way beyond.

she surges
with the swell.
and lifeless,
she discovers herself
within the timeless ocean.

What peace!
Being as she is
just a drop,
she is water still.