Life at its best!

It looks like this post goes as I my first, formal post other than the welcome note. And I am glad to be doing it for various reasons.

Well, I am delighted to announce the birth of my baby boy in January 2009. My family feels complete to me with a four year daughter and this son. And am I glad to be on maternity leave!

It is said that parents teach the kids to grow up. I firmly believe that it is the parents who learn the ropes of parenting and life more than the kids learning about life. And I am doing just that at the moment. Of course, it is a great challenge – I glow, I succeed, I falter, I fall, I get up and go again. All metrics fail when it comes to this. Every thing measures up only to how my children turn out in life. “As you sow, so you reap!

Amongst all this growing up that I am doing, I am just raring to go back to work. Thinking and planning about it gives me a high. I shall be learning to juggle some more and multi-task much more.

I am sure all the times to come are going to be great fun for me. As Richard Bach says in Illusions – “You are where you choose to be” and as Paulo Coelho quotes the Arabs – Maktub (meaning loosely – It is written).

With more soon…


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