“Ma, I want to marry a very nice person!”

My five-year old daughter and I went on our usual evening walk yesterday, looking for flowers, leaves, twigs, birds, cats and dogs. It was a very peaceful and a happy walk. She was singing to herself and chatting with me once in a while. Then, suddenly, I was involved in a conversation with her which left me speechless, to say the least, for a while.

“Ma, I want to marry a very nice person when I grow up,” she said.

“Ofcourse, dear, that is what one must always do,” I said, sending my prayers and wishes to the Almighty above to fulfill her wish.

“And you are not going to tell me to marry this person or that. I will choose on my own,” she clarified.

“Ofcourse, ” I promised, as if I had another choice.

“Tell me, how did you and Papa get married?” she asked.

“Well, we met with each other and then we decided to marry,” I explained.

“No, who said what?” she demanded.

“When we met with each other, your Papa asked me if I would marry him,” I elaborated.

“Then what did you say?” she pushed on.

“I said ‘Yes, I would marry you’,” I replied.

She smiled to herself with some newly acquired wisdom.

“You know, you married a very nice person,” she said wisely (as if there is another hero for her in this world at this moment!).

I controlled my laughter, my overwhelming love for her and simply said, “Thank you.”

I returned home to narrate the conversation to my husband. He was speechless for a few minutes, though I am sure thrilled about the hero-worship, and then he asked, as all fathers of daughters always do, “Don’t you think she is a little early for this?”

I laughed.


15 thoughts on ““Ma, I want to marry a very nice person!”

  1. Mausiya says:

    Well, is there any doubt whose daughter she is?? While i am smiling ear to ear, i honestly didnt teach her this one! Ma – didnt you think her specific statement “And you are not going to tell me to marry this person or that…..” had something more than familiarity!!
    Yes, indeed, it is little too early and am getting goosebumps thinking how fast she is growing up…


  2. nana / mama says:

    Nani amma thik kahin.

    Abhi to shuruat hai papa and mammi ji. Adi bhai ki didi hai , Meri natini hai aur kathakar hai.

    We will learn so many things from the talented tiny hot mirchi.


  3. Sameer says:

    I don’t think I have even got a comment better than this in “my” life:

    “You know, you married a very nice person”

    It’s amazing to see these little ones grow up so fast, it just seemed like yesterday when we came to know that we were going to be parents again!

    After what all we had gone through in our lives, Sana was like a blessing not just to us but to everyone in the family.

    She gave a new meaning to both of us and a reason to smile.

    Tough are the days when sanu rani says ” papa, why don’t you understand this” . Wonderful is a day when she says ” papa let’s just two of us go out for a drive and we will have an ice cream and burger somewhere outside”. Beautiful is a day ” when I return home and she runs towards me for a hug and I get a kiss of my day” And YES, these days, I have a little hero of mine tap dancing to be picked up and to give few of those wet kisses from him too 🙂

    Life is indeed beautiful.

    And, yes, I am ready for the day when my daughter comes and says ” Dad, I am in love”

    How I will react to this is still not known to me, but one thing I am sure of what I will say to that guy ” Boss, you better take care of my daughter, don’t ever dare do anything which can hurt my gudia and if you do then…..” beep beep – censor.

    Just kidding 😉


  4. medha says:

    I have heard a lot about Sana but I never imagined that this sweet little princess gonna ask these big questions.I especially liked the way u wrote ur feelings while answering her queries…..


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