There was once a nine-year old little girl, who was very fond of her grandfather, Baba. One day, her Baba came to visit her. She would spend all her free time with him after school. She would chat with him, tell him all about her school, her day, her friends…everything. Then, one day, Baba had to go back to his home as Dadi was alone there. A few days after Baba was leaving was this little girl’s birthday. So, she requested Baba to stay back for a few more days, celebrate her birthday with her and then return home.

Baba told her, “I am sorry, beta, I have to go back. But, you know, each day is a new day and each day should be celebrated as one’s birthday.”

The little girl could not comprehend this and, as expected, was hurt and upset. Anyways, Baba left for his home as planned.

Today, this little girl understands the significance of each new day but she still waits to celebrate her birthday with her Baba. Now, she celebrates her children’s birthday with great happiness and enthusiasm. 🙂


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